R&D Achievement

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Subjects Progress status Period
High-efficiency Radiation Protection/ Insulation/ Heat Management Materials and Parts Applied Battery Pack Development 2020.04.01~2022.12.31 in progress
Chungnam Public Institution Connected Hydrogen and Eco-friendly Energy OpenLAB Establishment Project 2020.10.31~2022.12.31 in progress
Strut Bearing Development for Vehicle Suspension 2020.02.01~2021.12.31 in progress
Driving Motor and AdBlue Manufacturing Technology Development for 70kW Size Electric Vehicle Applied with Low-cost Permanent Magnet 2020.04.01~2023.12.31 in progress
Core Technology Development of Scroll Type Electric Powered Compressor for Electric Vehicles 2020.05.15~2020.09.30 Closed
Development of Thermal Impact Tester for securing reliability for electrical equipment and components of plant facilities 2017.08.01~2018.03.31 active
Development of an electric water pump to heat recovery and prevent coolant leakage in the stack (FCEV-HVEWP) 2017.06.01~2020.12.31 active
Development of SUS Wrapping Rotor Precision Welding System for Eco-friendly Vehicles 2016.11.01~2017.10.31 closed
Development of Electric Flow Control Valve Module for Hybrid Vehicles (HEV-EIFCV) 2015.05.01~2018.04.30 closed
Development of an Electric Oil Pump for Transmission (EOP) 2014.04.01~2019.12.31 active
Development of an Electric Vacuum Pump for Brake Booster (EVP) 2016.05.01~2020.12.31 active
Development of Overrunning Alternator Pulley for Automotive Engine Alternator 2014.01.01~2015.03.31 Closed
Development of a Variable Oil Pump with SOLENOID Valve 2013.02.01~2015.08.31 Closed
Electric W/P Development for Electric Vehicle (ZEV-EWP) 2010.04.01~2015.03.31 Closed
Development of Clutch Water Pump for Load sensitive Passenger Cars (ILAC-CWP) 2008.12.01~2011.02.28 Closed
Development of Electric W/P for Cooling of Fuel Cells for Passenger Cars (Step 2) 2008.08.01~2010.05.31 Closed
Development of Automotive Engine Advanced Hydraulic Type Front End Accessory Drive Auto Tensioner (HFEAD-AT) 2007.05.01~2009.04.30 Closed
Development of a 200KW fuel cell system electric water pump (BUS-EWP) 2005.08.01~2010.07.31 Closed
Development of an electric water pump for cooling fuel cells for automobiles (passenger-EWP) 2004.12.01~2008.07.31 Closed
Development of High Efficiency Intelligent Engine Cooling Fan Clutch (HEI-ECFC) 2005.05.01~2007.04.30 Closed
Development of Cam Follower Roller Bearing for a Diesel Engine Complex Type (CP-CRC) 2003.11.01~2006.04.30 Closed
Waffle-type handle joint needle roller bearing development (WNRB) 2002.04.01~2003.03.31 Closed
Turbocharger Intercooler Hydraulic Fan Clutch Development (TCI-FC) 2000.12.01~2003.11.30 Closed
Development of Design Technology for High Efficiency Engine Coolant Pumps with Double Discharge Single Suction (DSECP) 2000.08.01~2003.07.31 Closed
Development of Automotive Engine High-Durable Timing Belt Tensioner & Idler Bearings 1999.06.01~2000.02.29 Closed
Modular Engine Cooling Fan Clutch Development (MFCS) 1998.08.01~2000.09.30 Closed
Development of High Durability Lightweight for Steering Pump Bracket Assembly 1997.07.21~1998.07.20 Closed
Development of Lightweight High Efficiency Automotive Water Pump 1997.05.01~1998.04.30 Closed
Development of Control Valve Body Design Processing Technology 1996.12.01~2000.10.31 Closed
Development of Hydraulic-Powered Engine Multi-Fan Clutch 1993.12.01~1996.11.30 Closed