R&D Introduction

GMB Korea's technology research center has grown into a technological mecca in automobile precise components and bearing manufacturing after it was established in October 1995. Right now, our technological research center consists of approximately 60 excellent talents, is concentrating all core abilities to lead global competitiveness and improve product competitiveness. Not only as a domestic and foreign finished automobile maker, we are actively coping with the trend of weight-lightening, state-of-the-art technology and modulation of the recent automobile part industry with the construction of state-of-the-art design and interpretation system, ERP and PDM necessary for quick technological cooperation with advanced component enterprises and precise product development and acquisition of TS16949 authentications.

 Goal - Security of technological competitiveness: Restoring trust, sales and profit maximization - Optimal design considering the process and quality: Security of competitiveness (technology, price and quality), main item maintenance - Improvement of research/development system: Introduction of technology and T/A conclusion, a bold investment in research and development section - Discovery of precedent futurist technologies

[Detailed items for each product] Security of technology and product competitiveness - Belt system design & development through Eng, Lay-Out Review and Design Verifications through Design Audit - Electronic Control Magnetic Fan Clutch Development, Component Modulation - Electronic Control Magnetic Water Pump Ass'y Development, Component Modulation - Handie Joint Modulation (Interm, Shaft Ass'y), Oval Type C.V Joint Sub Assemble (Developing the Spider) - ATM & Precise Processing Parts: With the security of design technology of hydraulic pressure controlling circuit, ATM and CVB System, we maintain exclusive production system of V/Spool Parts and realize modulation of R/Arm Ass'y.