Water Pump

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Water Pump
It is connected to the engine cylinder block with bolts, and it circulates the cooling water with driving power of the crank shaft by the driving belt.

Main Function It circulates the cooling water to maintain engine's temperature at a constant degree by sending the cooling water from the radiator into the engine, and plays a role of preventing engine overcooling and overheating.
Applying Vehicle - Nissan : Tida, Rogue, X-trail
- Renault : Micra, Triber, Jadjar
- Mitsubishi : Eclipse
- PSA : 308, 3008, 508, 5008, C4, C5, DS7, etc.
- BYD : TANG series
(Differentiation, Features)
Weight lightening of the component texture and optimal design that suits to the cooling performance specifications of the engine in case of flow path inside the pump and the rotator