Policies of Ethical Management

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  • Policies of Ethical Management

Since established in 1979, GMB Korea Corp. has been walking a single path in the field of automobile parts. It has also taken a leading role in the automobile parts industry based on unique knowhow and remarkable technical skills accumulated all the while, assigned large responsibilities of leading to the development of the precision automobile industry in the 21st century. 

Hence we have set up our new ethics, and have established “policies of ethical management” in order to set as standards of ethical behavior and value judgment and put them into practice.

  • detaild Practice plan
    • 1. Transparent Management
¬We make a contribution to the development of the nation’s economy through faithfully paying our taxes and establishing law-abiding behaviors and value judgments.
¬We show respect to all ethical behaviors for settling the transparent management, and make the spirit of enterprise and citizenship which maintain the public interest and order as our symbol.
    • 2. Mutual Cooperation
¬We boost rights and interests of clients with best quality products and services, and keep our promise with clients and partners. 
¬We establish a fair trader order fortransacting business with partners, and promote mutual growth through mutual cooperation.
    • 3. Environmental Management
¬We appreciate the environment as a key successful factor for an enterprise, and create the enterprise value through active environmental management. 
¬We take the head in developing and distributing eco-friendly automobile parts, actively support partners’ environmental management, and carry out our duties with full devotion as an enterprise specialized in automobile parts.
    • 4. Quality Management
¬We contribute to the quality assurance of parts in order for our partners to grow and develop as the most highly-rated company after they are evaluated as a company supplying best quality automobiles and parts both in domestic and foreign markets.
    • 5. Information Security
¬We do not disclose confidential business or technical information of other party without its prior permission, which we have known through business deals with clients and partners. 
¬We neither arbitrarily misrepresent or intentionally spread false information about clients or partners nor damage their data without permission.
    • 6. Social Responsibility
¬We actively execute social contribution activities for continuous creation of employment and development of local communities and economy. 
¬We respect every employee as independent individual and form a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.