CEO Greeting

GMB Korea, which has been keeping a single path in the precision automotive parts manufacturing, has been leading the industry with excellent technology.
We have made a lot of contributions to developing parts for the Power Train of automobiles that requiring ultra-precision and high-functionality. We have been committed to focus on low noise, improving fuel economy and improved durability.

Recently, focused our company's capabilities on the green energy automotive industry, we are focusing on the development of automotive parts which apply to next-generation cars that are represented by electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

Besides, built a global business network, we have been expanding the market around the world and diversifying our production bases to strengthen our international competitiveness
We are also deeply committed to fostering global talent and developing the world's best products.

The impression of meeting the perfect product! That's the basic principle that GMB is pursuing.
With the spirit of creativity that challenges the new future, we will break new ground to customer satisfaction.

Chief Executive Officer of GMB Korea Corp. Se Young, Jung