CEO Greeting

GMB Korea has led the automobile-part industries as a pioneer based on the outstanding echniques we’ve earned from the experiences by walking a single path of manufacturing precision auto-parts field.
RRecently, we’ve been working hard on the automobile’s Power Train parts, 
which requires high precisions and performances 
in order to lower the noise, better mileage, promoting durability and lastly, 
to contribute company’s best techniques into the green energy business.
Also, GMB Korea works for the enforcement of competitiveness in the international market 
by expanding markets and multilateralizing productions 
by establishing a Global Business Network.

And more to speak, We’ve set the mid-long term plan called ‘WIND 7000’, 
which states “World Wide“, “Innovation“, “New Dream“ and 700.0 billion KRW sales until 2016, 
and we are making strategies in many aspects to achieve the goal. 
In specific, the strategy includes the internationalization of the sales and procurement, 
promoting the future techniques like the green energy and electric motor, 
and the outstanding individuals and product family to lead the businesses stated above.

“Extremely touching feeling when meeting the product” is what we pursuit for from the buttom. 
We will continuously move your hearts by facing future with spirit of challenge and innovation.

We will continue to offer you a prosperous future.

GMB KOREA Corp. CEO Jong Mun, Byun